Tucker the Cat moves West
Tucker's Big Move

Tucker Painting

I have just completed a big adventure and although some of the events are confusing and scary to me I will try to tell you about them.

A couple months ago my Mom went away. She would sit and hold me each night and tell me over and over again that she was going to come back for me but I guess I forgot that while she was gone. She was gone for 5 weeks during which time I missed her terribly. I cried a lot and was very depressed.

Then one day a couple weeks ago she came back! The thing is I wasn't sure it was her. She brought a friend with her and since I am scared of strangers I cowered in the corner. She tried to pick me up but I hissed at her. She and I are still trying to decide if it is because I was really really angry with her or that I didn't remember her. Personally I have to say that I was very mad at her. How dare she leave me behind for that long, me her fuzzy pride and joy!

I watched as she moved her belongings out the door. And then she left again. I couldn't believe it. She was gone all that time and then only came back for an hour? Boy was I mad!

The next morning Mom was back again but I would have nothing to do with her. I would show her! But she wasn't listening to me. She picked me up, I was hissing and growling I might add, and shoved me into my carrier. And then of all things she took me to the doctor where they shoved a pill down my throat! I wasn't even sick!!

Then Mom and this stranger I later learned was named Richard and I all piled into the front seat of a big, noisy truck. Mom looked at me and exclaimed, "Well, here we go, off to our new home." Our new home?

The pill they gave me started making me feel tired so I laid down but I never could quite get to sleep. After a couple hours I was feeling very relaxed and then Mom got this dumb idea to put this big, blue, body-binding collar thing on me (a harness). She kept saying it was for my own good so I could go potty outside while we traveled. Oh yeah, right, like I would want to ever set these precious feet on the ground. Well, there was no way I was letting her put that straight-jacket on me! I snarled and growled and actually bit Mom really hard. So hard that she cried and started bleeding. I really am sorry about that but I was scared and confused. Mom says the noises I made that day sounded like I was auditioning for a part on "Wild Kingdom". We did drive through Omaha.... heehee

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Illinois Farm Land
Illinois Farm Land

So we headed west. Me in my carrier, Mom as navigator and Richard as driver. The first couple days were rather traumatic but once I convinced them that I did not need that harness (it took 2 days to convince them) and was perfectly content to ride in my carrier all day things went very well.

It took us 5 days to drive from Ohio to Oregon, our new home.

Now you all know how much I love to eat but I scared Mom by not eating a thing for the first 2 days. And I didn't drink any water for the first day and a half either. She really thought I would die before I got to our new home. I fooled her though. I was just making her sweat after all she had put me through. I never did eat any of my kitty food for the whole trip. I knew my mom wouldn't let me starve. She always spoils me and knows my favorite things so I spent the rest of the trip munching on cheese off their hamburgers and nibbles of roast beef off their sandwiches. Yum!

I have to admit that I am not a morning kitty so getting started each day was no fun. I liked to hide under the bed, especially when that stranger, Richard, was wandering around. One day, no matter what they did they couldn't coax me out. I was tired of traveling. Rock Springs, Wyoming looked like a good place to stay to me but they had other plans. They actually lifted the mattress and springs off the bed frame and Mom scooped me up. Scared me half to death to have my hiding place just lifted up.

Interesting rock formations just west of Cheyenne
Interesting rock formations just west of Cheyenne

Mom and Richard Oooed and Awwed the whole way out here. We drove through several states... Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and finally Oregon. Every state had beauty to offer but I think they enjoyed the views of Utah the most. I looked out the window a little bit but mostly all I could see was sky so I slept most of the way. That or I watched Richard drive. He did a very good job I might add. Of course I did have my doubts about him when he said he was hoping to see a tornado and that it would hit the back of our u-haul. (it seems he thinks my mom has too much "stuff")

Snake River Canyon
Snake River Canyon

So after five days, we arrived in Oregon. We live in a nice house with a pretty back yard full of birds. You would think all would be fine but Mom forgot to tell me about the boy that lives here. He is 9 years old, just 5 months older than me, and he loves to jump out at me and always wants to play. He scares me a lot and then gets upset when I hiss at him. He and I are going to have to have a talk I think. Doesn't he know that I am boss?

And then this other beast, this furry black thing they call Kitty. You should see the nerve this guy has. He drinks from my water dish and he ate several of my toys! I mean he literally chewed the tails off several of my mice and swallowed them. He and I have come to growls several times. I have to watch out though, he has very sharp nails and likes to take a swipe at me every once in a while.

the boys enjoying the sun
The boys birdwatching and enjoying some sun.

I spent the first few days under Mom's bed. But now I am getting braver. Hey, this is my house too now. I now sleep in the middle of the bed in the day time, one look and growl from me and Kitty leaves me alone. Kitty sleeps at the foot of the bed at night and I sleep on Mom's pillow if I am in the mood.

Today we had a show down. Kitty and I sat and stared at each other for 30 minutes, 18 inches apart. Mom kept checking on us and laughing. I don't know what was so funny, this is serious stuff here.

So I am adjusting and Mom is slowly unpacking all her stuff and grumbling that maybe Richard was right and she has too much. But don't tell him I said that or she may put that harness thingy on me again.

My favorite hiding place

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